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Approval level: 90%
Updated : 2009-10-23
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Category: Home and Entertainment
SubCategory: Science / Education
Type: Shareware
Size: 2.927kb.
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"Solve factorials, equations, algebraic reductions, etc."

Do you find it hard to solve certain mathematical exercises? Maths not your favourite? Then Algebra NET will help you, as it lets you do algebraic reductions, find factorials, do simplifications and solve equations.

Algebra NET explains, step by step, the whole process to follow to solve each problem. Above all it comes equipped with exercises for fractions, binomials, trinomials, etc. In Algebra NET there are three ways to use the program: one to solve everything and the user watches how it`s done, two the user offers an answer and the program confirms it`s correct, and three the user does everything.

Algebra NET is an interesting tool to learn, once and for all, the maths you find most difficult.

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